Tweet for a chance to win FREE books!

We’d like to thank the participating publishers who have created custom discount codes for online order and are sending books for the Book Display at MLconf 2018. At the close of the event, we’ll host a book giveaway for the attendees who tweet the most interesting and unique tweets, using the @mlconf or #mlconf18. Book winners will be tweeted at by the @mlconf handle on 11/14/18.

The 40% off discount code on the following books (for all attendees):  ctwmlconf18

**Email for a chance to win a free eBook  Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action by Alexander Zai and Brandon Brown!

CRC Press Machine Learning Books:

The books can be purchased from the CRC website, using the discount code MLC20. The discount is valid until December 31st 2018.

Cambridge University Press:

A 20% discount on Cambridge books in Machine Learning and related areas is available using the discount code MLCONF18. Check out classics such as:

For a full list of books, check out:

Packt is offering a 60% discount on ML books for the MLconf audience! Here: 


Additional Related Books On Display: