Interview with David Brin by Shon Burton

SB) David, I’ve been a fan since I read “Earth” in my teen years. I’ve often reflected on how real some of the concepts in that book have become. For those who aren’t as familiar, could you give us a brief background on yourself and your work?

DB) Oh gosh. I’ve been rewarded for poking at concepts, so I guess you’d call me an intellectual rascal. I use my physicist chops for NASA, but that’s just part-time stuff. I’m best known for science fiction novels and stories – one of them filmed by Costner in ’97; (he cleverly brought it out the same weekend as Titanic!) But the most impudent thing I do – I’ve been killed for it, in the past — is meddling in fields where I’m un-credentialed… anthropology, addiction studies, national security, and lately perspectives on artificial intelligence.