The Machine Learning Conference (MLconf) began in 2012, as a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s GraphLab team, to gather the thought leaders in Machine Learning, specifically Graph Databases.


In 2013, MLconf became a separate event, devoted to the Machine Learning and Data Science community in San Francisco, agnostic of any tool, platform or company. In 2014, MLconf entered NYC and Atlanta, as well as San Francisco. In 2015, MLconf hosted conferences in NYC, Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco and has been hosting events in those cities since. Each year, each event sees growth in numbers of attendance and diversity of attendance, as we welcome more international attendees.

MLconf events host speakers from various industries, research and universities. MLconf aims to create an atmosphere to discuss recent research and application of Machine Learning methodologies and practices and how they’re presently applied in industry. Each event is a single-track, single-day event, composed of 14-16 presentations, averaging 25 minutes in length. The goal of this format is for attendees to take home practical tips and methods to apply in their own work; as well as cited papers, code samples and work to reference for their own research.

The MLconf community is growing and we aim to continue the community spirit outside of conferences, by offering a bi-monthly newsletter, a free job board, guest blog posts & interviews and free meetups. We’re thankful for the speakers and sponsors from each event, as well as each attendee who participates!